Season 2010 - 2011 Results

Sun / Jan 9: Glen Este Youth Open

1stAdam Anderson, Kobey Bronaugh, Markell Hoskins, Camden Schirmer

2ndCameron Schisler, Tristin Messerschmidt, Owen Stephens

3rd: Dylan Cannon, Kyle Brady, Dawson Slone

4thAustin Wasmund, Isaac Sheldon, Dale King, Trey Pond, and Garen Reynolds

Sun / Jan 2: Grade School Coaches Classic at Cincinnati State


2ndTre Spillman, Adam Anderson, Dylan Cannon, Markell Hoskins, Daniel long, Nolan Schirmer, and Dawson Slone

3rd: Austin Wasmund

4thDale King, Cameron Sherman, and Jacob Wehrman

Sun / Dec 26: Walnut Hills Eagle Rumble Tournament

1st: Kobey Bronaugh

2ndTre Spillman, Cameron Sherman

3rd: Trey Pond

4thJustin Snell and Tristin Messerschmidt

Sun / Dec 19: Mason Trophy Tournament

1st: Dale King, Tristin McGrath,  Tre Spillman

2nd: Adam Anderson, Trey Pond, Ashton Warther

3rd: Kobey Bronaugh

Sun / Dec 12: Milford Beginners Takedown Tournament

1st: Markell Hoskins, Colton Hupp, Daniel Long, Chris Phillips, Nolan Schirmer, Dawson Slone, Jacob Werman, Ian Worthington

2nd: Jordan Dean, Ashton Warther

3rd: Will Pond

Sun / Dec 5: Mason Beginners Takedown Tournament

1st: Chris Phillips, Danial Long,  Tyle Brunner

2nd: Austin Wasmund, Billy Brunner, Cmeron Shisler, Luke Schneider, Markell Hoskins

3rd: Austin Fessenden, Dylan Cannon, Kiwan Jones, Nick Mills, and Dawson Slone

4th: Adam Anderson, Ian Worthington, Jordan Dean

Sun / Dec 5: Amelia Invitational Tournament

1st: Kobey Bronaugh, Damien Derose, Dale King, Tristen McGrath, and Garen Reynolds

2nd: Ashton Warther

3rd: Kyle Brady, Tristen Messerschmidt, Trey Pond, and  Nolan Schirmer

4th:Jimmy Murphy and Isaac Sheldon

Sun / Nov 28: Purcell MarianTakedown Tournament

1st:Ashton Warther, Nolan Schirmer, Tristin Messerschmidt, Billy Brunner, Jimmy Murphy, Trey Pond, Owen Stephens, Dawson Slone

2nd: Isaac Sheldon, Cameron Shisler, Chris Phillips, Austin Wasmund

3rd:Tyler Brunner, Dylan Cannon, Ryan Carraro, Kiwan Jones, 

4th:Ben Brosch, Will Pond, Cameron Sherman

Sun / Nov 21: Moeller Wrestling Tournament

1st:Kobey Bronaugh and Tre Spillman

3rd:Tristin McGrath

4th:Ethan Bullock, Dale King, and Trey Pond

Sun / Nov 14: Sycamore Takedown Tournament

1st:Jimmy Murphy and Trey Pond

2nd:Kyle Brady and Nolan Schirmer

3rd:Camden Schirmer and Owen Stephens

Sun / Nov 14: Glen Este Trojan Fall Classic

1st:Tre Spillman

4th:Dale King and Garen Reynolds

Season 2009 - 2010 Results

Sun / Dec 13: Milford Beginners Takedown Tournament

1st:Jacob Werhman

2nd:Cole Dunham, Christian Grothaus

3rd:Jonathon Hunt

Sun / Dec 6: Mason Beginners Takedown Tournament

1st:Bailey Murphy Wesley Jeffers

2nd:Christian Grothaus Jacob Wallace, Jacob Wehrman

3rd:Brian Hall

4th:Ryan Carraro, Timmy Buchanan

Sun / Nov 29: Colerain Open Tournament

1st:Tristin McGrath, Isaac Sheldon

2nd:Mark Wilfong

3rd: Tre Spillman, Kobey Bronaugh, Garen Reynolds

4th: Shayne McDonough

Sun / Nov 29: Purcell Takedown Tournament

1st:Kyle Brady, Jimmy Murphy, Jacob Wehrman

2nd:Trey Pond

3rd:Derek Elliot Bailey Murphy

4th: Shayne McDonough, Mark Wilfong

Sun / Nov 22: Moeller Youth Tournament

We sent 9 of our experienced wrestlers to the Moeller tournament.  The Moeller tournament is a very competitive tournament. We had several of our wrestlers place. Congratulations to all the boys who did an excellent job wrestling!


2nd: Nolan Thomason, Kobey Bronaugh

3rd: Tre Spillman

4th: Shayne McDonough, Mark Wilfong

Full Bracket results can be found at here

Season 2008 - 2009 Results

Sun / Feb 22: O.A.C. Districts - Mason Middle School

1st Place: Tre Spillman

4rd Place: Mark Wilfong

Sun / Feb 15: Sycamore City Tournament

1st Place: Tre Spillman

3rd Place: Kobey Bronaugh

Sun / Feb 8: Harrison City Tournament

1st Place: Tristin McGrath and Mark Wilfong

2nd Place: Aaron Buchanan, Shaun Burgdorf, and Jimmy Murphy

3rd Place: Michael Perrin, and  Josh Forwith

4th Place: Trey Pond

Sun / Jan 4: Milford Wins Eastside Challenge!

The Milford Eagles sent over twenty wrestlers to the 7th Annual Eastside Challenge.  This invitational tournament was not only a competition for individuals but also team points were kept.  With all the boys doing so great it was a real treat when the team was awarded the First place trophy for this year's top team.  We also had a great number of individual winners too:

1st Place: Kobey Bronaugh, Eathan Bullock, Shayne McDonough, Tristin McGrath, Trey Pond and Mark Wilfong

2nd Place: Aaron Buchanan, Josh Forwith, Nick Lewis, Tristin Messeschmidt, Jimmy Murphy, David Niehaus, and Tre Spillman

3rd Place: Kyle Brady, Conner Hawkins, Michael Perrin, and  Alex Skinner,


Sun / Dec 21: Mason Trophy Tournament

We sent 16 wrestlers to the Mason Trophy Tournament which had over 1000+ participants. 10 of our wrestlers came home with trophies! Congratulations to all the boys who wrestled so very well.

1st: Tristin McGrath and  Jimmy Murphy 

2nd: Shaun Burgdorf and Shayne McDonough

3rd: Aaron Buchannan, Kobey Bronaugh, Derick Elliot, Alex Skinner, Tre Spillman, and Gabe Tonucci

Sun / Dec 14: Milford First Year's takedown tournament

We hosted our annual First Year Wrestlers Takedown tournament and sent 21 of our beginners' to this tournament. All had some wonder opportunities to be learn wrestling and quite few earned medals.

1st: Kobey Bronaugh, Jimmy Murphy, David Niehaus, Josh Nixon, Alex Skinner, and Gabe Tonucci

2nd: John Niehaus

3rd: Derek Elliot, Alex Eveslage, and Isaac Sheldon

Sun / Nov 30: Purcell Marion Takedown Tournament

We sent 18 wrestlers including a number of first year wrestlers and 14 of the wrestlers came away with medals including 5 first place finishes.  Way to go boys!

1st: Tristin Messerschmidt, Kobey Bronaugh, Tre Spillman, Aaron Buchanan, and Jimmy Murphy

2nd: Bryson Taylor, Trent Wellage, Thomas Lyons and Mark Wilfong

3rd: Alex Skinner, Kyle Brady, Jakob Schwartz and Josh Forthwith.

4th: Nolan Thomason

Sun / Nov 23: Moeller Youth Tournament

We sent 13 of our experienced wrestlers to the Moeller tournament.  This was the first time in many years that we attended this team in force.  The Moeller tournament is a very competitive tournament and a Ohio Tournament of Champions qualifier.  For our first tournament, the team did very well and won 51% of our matches and got 1 first, 4 seconds and 2 fourth places. Congratulations to all the boys who did an excellent job wrestling!

1st: John Reel

2nd: Kyle Brady, Tristin McGrath, Mark Wilfong and Tre Spillman

4th: Carson Miller and Jared Engleman

Full Bracket results can be found at here

Season 2007 - 2008 Results

Feb 2008: City Tournament at Hamilton

We sent another 11 wrestlers to compete at the City Tournament at Hamilton H.S. this week.  All wrestled extremely well and we came away with another 3  City Champions: Ethan Bullock, Shane McDonough, and John Reel!  That brings our total to 6 city champions - twice what we had last year. 

1st: Ethan Bullock, Shane McDonough, and John Reel

2nd: Trey Pond and Jacob Schwartz

3rd: Shaun Burgdorf, Jared Engleman and Mason Casey

Feb 2008: City Tournament at Harrison

Nine Milford Youth Wrestlers competed and Harrison H.S. for the first half of the City Youth Tournament.  All wrestled very hard and we came away with 3 City Champions: Cody Reel, Joseph DeSalvo, and Tre Spillman!  Congratulations also to A.J. Reinhart who won an impressive 2nd place.  Again, congratulations to all the wrestlers. 

Sun / Jan 27: Milford Youth Open Tournament

We hosted another successful Milford Youth Open. We showed up strong and ready to wrestle by sending a record 38 wrestlers to our own tournament and all of them went home with a medal!  Because of the less than usual attendance we used 3, 4, and 5 brackets to ensure all the kids got maximum number of matches and opportunity to wrestle.  Congratulations to all the wrestlers and thank you to all the parents, high school wrestlers and alumni who help make this tournament so successful.

1st Place: Joe DeSalvo, Tristin McGrath, Trey Pond, Cody Reel, John Reel, Mason Roy, Mark Wilfong, and Nick Wright

2nd Place: Thomas Begley, Aaron Buchanan, Jared Engleman, Shayne McDonough, Tristin Messerschmidt, Jakob Schwartz, Kelsi Spillman,  and Tre Spillman.

3rd Place: Griffin Bitzer, Dylan Brothers, Shaun Burgdorf, Eli Campbell, Nick Clayton, Kyl Forwith, Carson Miller, Michael Perrin, Chase Prather and  Cameron Sherman, 

Sun / Jan 20: Mason Super Duals Tournament

Milford came away with two impressive team wins at the always very competitive Mason Super Dual Tournament.  Last year, we went winless as a team but gained much valuable experience.  This year our 5 team pool was even more competitive with teams like Moeller, Fairfield, Campbell County and Licking Heights.  With all our wrestlers battling to the end we came away with two team victories over Campbell County and Licking Heights.  Congratulations to the entire dual team wrestlers: Michael Perrin , Alex Winheimer, Mason Casey, Tre Spillman Jared Engelman, Tristin McGrath, John Reel, Trey Pond, Mark Wilfong, Shaun Burgdorf, Dylan Brothers, Shayne McDonough, A.J. Reinhart, Aaron Buchanan, Kelsi Spillman, Josh Forwith, Cody Reel and Kyle Forwith.

4 Wins: Shayne McDonough and Trey Pond

3 Wins: Shaun Burgdorf, A.J. Reinhart and Cody Reel

2 Wins: Dylan Brothers and Michael Perrin

1 Win: Aaron Buchanan, Tristin McGrath, Tre Spillman, and  John Reel,

See pictures from the Mason Super Duals and Madeira Youth Open here.

Mason Super Dual Final Results:

1st Place Moeller
2nd Place Mason
3rd Place Fighting Irish
4th Place Loveland

Sun / Jan 13: Forest Hills Youth Tournament

The Milford Eagles sent 30 youth wrestlers the the Madeira Open.  All the wrestlers showed real heart and improvement.  22 of our  wrestlers went home with medals.  Congratulations to all the wrestlers.

1st: Thomas Begley, Josh Forwith, Shayne McDonough Tristin McGrath, A.J. Reinhart, and Tre Spillman

2nd: Aaron Buchanan, Ethan Bullock, Shaun Burgdorf, Noah Campbell, Nick Clayton, Joe DeSalvo, Tristin Messerschmidt, Mason Roy, Kelsi Spillman Maxwell Stanley, and Mark Wilfong

3rd: Jared Engelman, Trey Pond, and Bryson Taylor

4th: Eli Campbell

Sun /Jan 6: Glen Este Youth Tournament

After the long Holiday Break, the Milford Eagles sent 27 youth wrestlers to the Glen Este Youth Tournament. Over-comming some mat rust from the long lay off, the team showed some real competiveness and character and battled to the very end. In all, we had 14 wrestlers come away with medals.  Congratulations to all the Eagle Wrestlers who wrestled so hard!

2nd: Aaron Buchanan and Kyle Forwith

3rd: Shaun Burgdorf, Nick Clayton, Jared Engleman, Tristin McGrath, A.J. Reinhart, Kelsi Spillman, Tre Spillman,  and Mark Wilfong

4th: Thomas Begley, Mason Casey, Michael Perrin, and  Mason Roy

Sun /Dec 16: Forest Hills Youth Tournament

Milford sent 28 wrestlers to the Forest Hills Youth Tournament and were very successful.  For our first year wrestlers, this was their first non-takedown only tournament and they all did very well. In all, we had 18 wrestlers who finished 1st-3rd. Congratulations to all the wrestlers.

1st: Dylan Brothers, Shaun Burgdorf, Cody Reel, John Reel,  and Tre Spillman

2nd: Aaron Buchanan, Eli Campbell, Bryson Taylor, Shayne McDonough, and Michael Perin

3rd: Noah Campbell, Tristin McGrath, Tristin Messerschmidt, Carson Miller, Joshua Nixon, Trey Pond, Jakob Schwartz, and Mark Wilfong


Sun/Dec 9 Milford First Year Wrestlers dominate at Milford Takedown Tournament

Milford sent 26 first year wrestlers to our own Milford Takedown Tournament. All the wrestlers did very well and over half placed 1st-3rd.

1st: Mason Casey, Jared Engleman, Josh Forwith, Michael Perrin, and Tre Spillman

2nd: Ethan Bullock, Jakob Schwartz, Cameron Sherman, Kelsi Spillman, Maxwell Stanley

3rd: Timmy Buchannan, Joseph Muthig, Joshua Nixon

Sun/Dec 2 Mason Takedown and Amelia Youth Tournament

This past Sunday, Dec 2nd., Milford Youth Wrestling split into two teams: 20 First Year Wrestlers went to the Mason Takedown tournament and 19 Experienced Wrestlers went to the Amelia Youth Tournament.  Just having 39 wrestlers attempt these tournaments is something to be proud of, but we were also very successful too.  Sixteen of our 20 first year wrestlers earned a medal at the Mason Takedown tournament and 13 of our 19 experienced wrestlers earned a medal at the Amelia Tournament.  Well done and good job to all the wrestlers.

Mason Takedown 1st Place: Ethan Bullock, Mason Casey, Kyle Forwith, Carson Miller, Michael Perrin, Tre Spillman, John Welte, and  Eric Wolff.

Mason Takedown 2nd Place: Nick Brooksbank, Joseph DeSalvo, Josh Forwith, and  J.C. Welte

Mason Takedown 3rd Place: Jared Engelman, Jakob Schwartz, and  Kelsi Spillman

Amelia 1st Place: Shayne McDonough, Tristin McGrath, Tristin Messerschmidt, Cody Reel, John Reel, and Mark Wilfong

Amelia 2nd Place: Dylan Brothers, Shaun Burgdorf, Eli Campbell, and  A.J. Reinhart

Amelia 3rd Place: Trey Pond, Chase Prather, and  Bryson Taylor

Sun/Nov 25 Purcell Marion Takedown Tournament

Milford Youth Wrestling sent 27 wrestlers to the Purcell Takedown tournament and came away with 19 medals.  Well done for the first competition of the season.

1st Place: Ethan Bullock, George Lucas, Shayne McDonough, Kyle Forwith, Cody Reel

2nd Place: Eli Campbell, Nick Lewis, Joe DeSalvo, Mark Wilfong

3rd Place: Bryson Taylor, John Reel, Shaun Burgdorf

4th Place: Mason Casey, Tristin Messerschmidt, Griffin Bitzer, Jakob Schwartz, Dylan Brothers, Aaron Buchanan, Kelsi Spillman

Season 2006 - 2007 Results

Sun/Feb 18 Madeira Youth Open

The Milford Eagles sent eight wrestlers to the last tournament of the season. It was fun way to wrap things up with mostly four man round robin brackets. We did extremely well as all the boys showed continued improvement and ended on a high note.

1st Place: Cody Reel, John Reel, Tristin McGrath, Bryson Taylor

2nd Place: Griffin Bitzer, Mark Wilfong

3rd Place: Tristin Messerschmidt

4th Place: Jarod Roll

Sun/Feb 4 and Feb 11 City Youth Wrestling Championships

The Milford Eagles sent almost 20 of our finest wrestlers to the city wide youth wrestling championships which are held over two weekends.  We are extremely proud we placed eight of them in either championship finals or consolation finals.  We are also very proud to announce we have three new city champions whose names will be placed on the wall in the Robbins Wrestling building.

1st Place: Shane McDonough, Trey Pond, and Cody Reel

2nd Place: Shaun Burgdorf, Dylan Brothers, John Reel, Bryson Taylor

4th Place: Mark Wilfong

Sun/Jan 28 Milford Open Tournament

The tournament's overall attendance numbers were a little down this year due to multiple scheduled tournaments for the same date.  But, this allowed us to run 4 man Round-Robin brackets for all the kids.  This really pumped up the fun quotient for the tournament and ensured that everyone got maximum number of matches.  We sent over 30 kids and they all wrestled with pride and dedication and all earned the medals they won. A super big thanks to all the Youth Parents and High School students who there volunteered there time to make it a great tournament. We sent 32 wrestlers and all placed!

1st Place: Aaron Buchanan, Shaun Burgdorf, Tyler Luckey, Tristin McGrath, Tristin Messerschmidt, Sam Newberry, Cody Reel, AJ Reinhart, Bryson Taylor, Mark Wilfong, Hannah Wolbers, Jake Wolbers, Nick Wright.

2nd Place: Dylan Brothers, Matthew Estep, Drew Hermes, Dustin Luckey, Trey Pond, Trent Welage.

3rd Place: Griffin Bitzer, Maxwell Dumm, Harrison Keith, George Lucas, Clayton Peterson, Chase Prather, John Reel, David Wolbers

4th Place: Jesse Freeman, Nickoli Lewis, Jarod Roll

Sun/Jan 21 Mason Super Duals

The Milford Eagles fielded its first Dual team in several years.  Braving a very snowy Sunday Morning, the Eagles gained valuable experience against some very good competition. Despite being held winless as a team, the Eagles wrestled very tough against much older and experienced competition.

Final Results:

Novice Tournament
1st Mason
2nd Fighting Irish
3rd Fairfield

Elite Tournament
1st Wauseon
2nd Moeller
3rd Loveland

Sun/Jan 14 New Richmond Tournament

The Milford Eagles sent over 20 wrestlers to the New Richmond Open Tournament.  We still had another strong showing with over half finishing in 1st through 4th.  Congratulations to all the young Eagles who wrestled so very hard.

1st place: Trey Pond, Mark Wilfong

2nd place: Dylan Brothers, Aaron Buchanan, Dustin Luckey, Clayton Peterson

3rd place: AJ Reinhart, David Wolbers, Hanah Wolbers

4th place: Shaun Burgdorf, George Lucas, Jake Wolbers

Sun/Jan 07 Loveland Open Tournament

The Milford Eagles sent 23 wrestlers to the Loveland Open Tournament.  The competition was very tough yet the Eagles stepped up to the challenge and wrestled very well.  Congratulations to all who participated, but especially those who made it to the medal rounds.

1st place: Aaron Buchanan

2nd place: Alex Weinheimer, Nicholas Wright

3rd place: Shayne McDonough, Sam Newberry, Cody Reel, David Wolbers

4th place: Noah Campbell, John Reel

Sun/Dec 17 Mason Trophy Tournament

The Mason Trophy Tournament is the largest and most competitive tournament we attend all year.  This year was no exception with over 1000+ wrestlers from several different states attending.  This tournament is a qualifier for the National Tournament of Champions held in Columbus OH.  Needless to say, the Eagles had an excellent opportunity to take measure against the best in the regional area.  We sent over 25 wrestlers to the tournament and 11 of them came home with trophies for 1st through 3rd place. We had another 5 wrestlers who made it to the consolation finals and took 4th.  Well done, Eagles!

1st place: Shayne McDonough, Cody Reel, John Reel, Alex Weinheimer, Mark Wilfong.

2nd place: Aaron Buchanan

3rd place: Dylan Brothers, Shaun Burgdorf, Noah Campbell, Tyler Luckey, Tristin McGrath

4th place: Dustin Luckey, Jesse Freeman, Tristin Messerschmidt, AJ Reinhart, Trent Welage

Sun/Dec 10 Milford Beginners Takedown Tournament

The Milford Eagles did extremely well at there own tournament.  We fielded a very large team of over 26 first year wrestlers who all did very well.  Eighteen of those wrestlers earned medals.

1st place: George Lucas, Dustin Luckey, Tyler Luckey, Shayne McDonough, John Reel, and Mark Wilfong.

2nd place: Noah Campbell, Dylan Combs, Mattew Estep, Nick Hager, Drew Hermes, Harrison Keith, Tristin Messerschmidt, Bryson Taylor, Trent Welage, David Wolbers.

3rd place: Sam "Bo" McCormick, Alex Weinheimer,

Sun/Dec 3 Mason Beginners Takedown Tournament

The Milford Eagles showed up strong with 14 of the 22 first year wrestlers earning medals'.

1st place: Noah Campbell, Drew Hermes, Tyler Luckey, Alex Weinheimer, Jake Wolbers, David Brewer, Dylan Combs.

2nd place: Dustin Luckey, David Wolbers, Griffin Bitzer

3rd place: Nick Hager, Bryson Taylor, Trent Welage, Mark Wilfong,

Sun/Dec 3 Amelia Youth Invitational Tournament

The Milford Eagles were ready to wrestle and did very well in our first non-takedown tournament.  Eight of our eleven wrestlers made it to either the championship finals or consolation finals.  Please see the pictures page for some pictures from the tournament.

1st place: Cody Reel, John Reel

2nd place: Aaron Buchanan, Jake Davis, Trey Pond

3rd place: Clayton Peterson

4th place: Shaun Burgdorf, Shayne McDonough

Sun/Nov 26 Purcell Marion Takedown Tournament

The Milford Eagles had a great showing sending 19 wrestlers to this tournament including 13 first year wrestlers.  We placed 11 of our wrestlers into the Medal Round. Placing first was Trent Welage and Aaron Buchanan.  Winning second place was Tristin McGrath.  Connor Walters, Noah Campbell, Mark Wilfong, John Reel, Cody Reel, and David Brewer all placed third.  Dylan Brothers and Tyler Luckey both finished forth and earned a medal.  All the kids wrestled real hard and did real well especially for the first tournament of the season.  Please see pictures page for both pictures and videos from the tournament

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