We are looking forward to another great year for the youth wrestling program. Below is some general information for those families new to the sport as well as information regarding the two tournaments we run during the season. Please feel free to call or email myself or any of the other coaches with any questions you may have.

Tony Brothers,
Head Coach


Our normal practice schedule is Tues/Thurs from 6:30-8:00 and Saturday from 11:30-1:00. Anytime that Milford Schools are closed due to inclement weather there will be no practice.


Every wrestler will receive a MYW T-Shirt and a singlet. The T-Shirts should be ready any day now, and we will hand the shirts and singlets out together at practice as soon as they arrive. Singlets can be returned at the end of the season for a refund of the uniform deposit paid at sign-ups. For practice, wrestlers should wear shorts/t-shirts, and wrestling shoes if they have them. Wrestling shoes are not required, but we do recommend them. For tournaments, all wrestlers should wear their singlet, MYW t-shirt, and wrestling shoes. Headgear is also optional.


During the first week of practice we will hand out a schedule of all tournaments that we will be attending during the season. You will notice there is a tournament almost every weekend. We encourage wrestlers to attend as many tournaments as they can, however they are optional. Most tournament fees range from $10-$12 per wrestler. (Remember, money earned from selling cookie dough can be used toward tournament fees). At practice each Tuesday we will have weigh-ins and registration for the tournament that will be held that weekend. Wrestlers must weigh in and pay the tournament fee on Tuesday if they want to wrestle in the tournament that weekend. You can expect to be at each tournament for about 3 hours. Most tournaments are divided into a morning and afternoon session by age (younger kids are generally in the morning and older kids are generally in the afternoon).

You will also notice on the schedule that there are three Takedown Tournaments scheduled. These tournaments are great for first year wrestlers. At Takedown Tournaments points are given for takedowns only, as opposed to using other wrestling moves and trying to pin your opponent. Once one of the wrestlers is taken down, the ref will award the points, and the wrestlers will get back in the starting position and try to take each other down again. We will be working on takedowns the first few weeks of practice to prepare the kids for these tournaments.

Milford Tournaments

Milford Youth Wrestling hosts two tournaments during the season. The first is our Takedown Tournament for first-year wrestlers that will be held on December 14th, and our Youth Open Tournament will be held on Feb. 1st.  Milford wrestlers can wrestle in our tournaments free of charge, and we strongly encourage everyone to wrestle in these tournaments.

Running these tournaments takes the help of a lot of people, and therefore we require all youth parents to help in some way, whether it’s working a shift in the concession stand or working at one of the scoring tables. So, mark your calendars for these two dates and we will be posting sign up forms in the next few weeks!

Other Information

Due to the number of kids in the program, we communicate by email and through our website, www.milfordyouthwrestling.com . If you do not have internet access please let me know so I can call you instead. Take some time to check out our website- it has a lot of useful information including:

  • Tournament flyers and directions to all tournaments

  • Contact information for all coaches.

  •  Important announcements during the season.

  •  Links to other wrestling websites.

  •  Results of tournaments and pictures/videos from tournaments.

**Parents- if you take pictures at tournaments you can put them on a CD and give them to Coach Stu Pond for posting on the website.**

We would also like to emphasize the importance of having the wrestlers bathe/shower after each practice. The High School and Jr. High wrestlers practice on the same mats before us, and although the mats are cleaned every day, this will help keep all the wrestlers healthy through the season.  The following link includes a lot of background information about youth wrestling in general: Parents Guide to Youth Wrestling